Stray Kids

Number of Members 8
Current Members Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, I.N.
Former Member Woojin (left in 2019)
Oldest Member Bang Chan (born Oct 3, 1997)
Youngest Member I.N (born Feb 8, 2001)
Leader Bang Chan
Debut Mar 25, 2018
Company JYP Entertainment
Fandom Stay

Stray Kids Member Ages
Stray Kids Age Ranking
Ranked from oldest to youngest.

Member Birthday
Bang Chan Oct 03, 1997
Lee Know Oct 25, 1998
Changbin Aug 11, 1999
Hyunjin Mar 20, 2000
Han Sep 14, 2000
Felix Sep 15, 2000
Seungmin Sep 22, 2000
I.N Feb 08, 2001

Members All of members were born in South Korea except for Felix who was born in Australia. Bang Chan lived for a long time in Australia.


Member Position(s)
Bang Chan leader, lead vocalist, dancer, rapper
Lee Know main dancer, sub vocalist, sub rapper
Changbin main rapper, sub vocalist
Hyunjin main dancer, lead rapper, visual
Han main rapper, lead vocalist
Felix lead rapper, lead dancer
Seungmin main vocalist
I.N sub vocalist, maknae(youngest)