Number of Members 8
Members Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Wooyoung, Jongho
Oldest Member Seonghwa (born Apr 3, 1998)
Youngest Member Jongho (born Oct 12, 2000)
Leader Hongjoong
Debut Oct 24, 2018
Company KQ Entertainment
Fandom ATINY

Ateez Member Ages
Member Age Ranking
Ranked from oldest to youngest.

Number of Members Birthday
Seonghwa Apr 03, 1998
Hongjoong Nov 07, 1998
Yunho Mar 23, 1999
Yeosang Jun 15, 1999
San Jul 10, 1999
Mingi Aug 09, 1999
Wooyoung Nov 26, 1999
Jongho Oct 12, 2000

Name and Fandom
The name ATEEZ is an abbreviation for “A TEEnager Z”. ATEEZ refers to a group of teenagers who is willing to do everything from A to Z.

The official fandom name of ATEEZ is ATINY, which is a combination of the words ATEEZ + DESTINY. ATINY means that ATEEZ and the fans were meant to meet.

Members All of the members were born and raised in South Korea.


Member Position(s)
Hongjoong leader, lead rapper, sub vocalist, center
Seonghwa lead vocalist, visual
Yunho main dancer, lead vocalist
Yeosang lead dancer, sub vocalist, visual
San lead vocalist, face of the group
Mingi main rapper, lead dancer
Wooyoung main dancer, vocalist, visual
Jongho main vocalist, maknae(youngest)